At GNNA, LLC, we are a small consulting firm that provides specialized engineering services in nuclear, mechanical, structural and systems engineering. Our customers range from the private industry sector to US Governmental agencies, National Laboratories, NGOs and universities.


GNNA, LLC, provides specialized engineering services focusing on innovative solutions to complex technical problems.

Relevant and timely issues in today’s climate dictate heightened concerns for incorporating safety in industrial processes while ensuring facilities are properly designed to withstand accidental energetic events or potential attacks from an adversary.

Our mechanical engineering capabilities provide engineering design and analysis through application of theoretical, analytical, and computational methods.

Our nuclear engineering capabilities range from the design of nuclear power plants, nuclear safety analysis, modeling of the nuclear fuel cycle and nonproliferation.

At GNNA, LLC, we have established a broad network of highly specialized supporting individual consultants and other small companies with cooperative agreements to broaden our capabilities and expertise base as needed.

Contact Information:
Global Nuclear Network Analysis, LLC
P.O. Box 2323 Santa Fe, NM 87504-2323
Business Phone: 505-820-6187

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