Nuclear Power Production

As concerns over global warming increase and issues arise over the availability and cost of carbon-based fuels nuclear energy takes on greater importance within the US and the world as a future source of base electricity. This transition comes at a time when increased safety and security are equally important and must be addressed throughout the entire nuclear fuel cycle and power production.

At GNNA LLC we have expertise in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and testing of nuclear power systems - from mechanical systems through design of the nuclear reactor. Our expertise represents over 65 years in the nuclear industry in solving complex issues associated with nuclear power. Currently GNNA is providing support to a firm designing a small nuclear reactor, a comprehensive review of the expansion of nuclear power for an NGO, and the safety analyses of radioactive waste transfer systems. Our expertise spans the spectrum of nuclear reactor systems from commercial nuclear power plants, small regional power plants, production reactors, research reactors, nuclear submarines, and nuclear reactors for space.

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Nuclear Fuel Cycle Analysis

The nuclear fuel cycle extends from the mining of uranium, conversion to UF6, enrichment, fuel fabrication, use in the reactor, and long-term storage to reprocessing and reuse of the uranium and plutonium. Each step has technical challenges unique to the country-specific fuel cycle and understanding the full end-to-end cycle provides invaluable insights into a country’s nuclear program and possible issues with technology, safety or nonproliferation. GNNA has been studying the fuel cycles of many different countries including the United States, Russia, India, Japan, France, and other nations in an effort to understand their programs, technical capabilities, and nuclear material production. We view each nations and the global nuclear cycle as a system that must be understood and presented within an integrated fashion.

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Safety Analysis

At GNNA LLC we have worked in the area of nuclear safety analysis for many different types of nuclear systems and are currently supporting analysis for a small nuclear reactor system. Safety analysis requires a systematic approach to reviewing the design of a nuclear system through the use of deterministic calculations, expert elicitation, and probabilistic risk assessment. One of the primary areas of expertise that the staff of GNNA LLC brings to any project is a systems perspective and the ability to look both at the breadth and depth of a design. Safety analysis is the cornerstone for any commercial or governmental nuclear program and understanding the implementation of the guidelines is paramount to a projects success. At GNNA LLC we bring this expertise to every project.

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Nonproliferation & Counter-Terrorism

Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 nuclear proliferation has risen as a major global issue to be systematically modeled to provide the needed insights for policy makers. As experts in this arena we began working with the Russian’s in early 1990’s in nuclear materials safeguards, creating an information system to track detailed data on nuclear materials, diversions, and international terrorism, through creating detailed models of countries nuclear fuel cycles and the interdependencies between nations. At GNNA LLC we have analyzed different reactor designs for conversion to low enriched uranium while considering multiple fuel types. Our company provides creative ways of looking at large, nonlinear data sets through the use of flow charts, timelines, maps, and other resources to create a coherent understanding of complex information on issues of nuclear nonproliferation and counter-terrorism.

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